29 Nov, 2023
2 mins read

A new species of Giant Pacific octopus discovered by scientists

According to a new study the giant Pacific octopus which is considered as the most significant species of the octopus that has two separate breeds. This information depicts that how little information our researchers have about the giant octopus. This species is one the unique marine creature that will leave you amazed. They are the […]

3 mins read

Octopuses are genetically smart: know how

  Octopuses are the most amazing creature. These tentacle creatures are mysterious enough and have the capability of blending in along with the surroundings in the sea. “This may explain why they’re such good problem solvers,” Clifton Ragsdale, a neurobiologist at the University of Chicago unaffiliated with the paper, told Scientific American. In Most of the […]

2 mins read

Global Oceans Have Lost 2% Oxygen in 57 Years That Can Be Devastating Marine Life, Warns Study

You might be aware of the distressing influence of climate change and rising temperature level on the ecology of the earth. But you might not know how the unpredictable changes in climatic patterns are contributing to the fatality of marine lives across the world. A new international study, recently published in a famous science journal […]

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World Economic Forum Partners With UCSB’s Marine Science Institute To Save Oceanic Ecosystem

Flowing over three-quarters of the earth and holding 97% of the entire planet, oceans have become the lifeline of earth. They not only emit over half of the oxygen in the atmosphere but also soak up the most carbon from the atmosphere, making us survive on the earth. However, despite all the advantageous points, oceans […]

2 mins read

New Scientific Research Solved Perennial Killer Whales’ Menopause Enigma 

The human-like characteristic of Orcas – the killer whale species which enables it to stop reproduction after crossing a certain age limit is quite mysterious and since centuries, the ecologists and scientists across the world are trying to solve this mystery. However, finally a group of scientists has come up with the precise answer to […]

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Ecological honor to Barak Obama: New Coral-Reef Fish Species is named as “Tosanoides Obama”

A new species of fish discovered from Papahanaumokuakea Marine National Monument, located at the United States of America is named in the honor of former president of USA, Mr. Barak Obama. When scientists first discovered this new fish creature, they were shocked to find a distinctive and multicolored mark near the tail of the fish. […]

2 mins read

Underwater Robot Spot a Multicolored World under Antarctica’s Sea Ice

A video captured by a remote-control camera has shown a stunning marine community below the freezing ice sheets of Antarctica Ocean, a discovery which can lead researcher towards a more revealing world of marine life. Australian researchers, during the wake of introducing an underwater robot, have captured an exclusive and surprising video footage of a […]

2 mins read

Marine Wonder: Rarely Seen Ghost Shark Caught On Camera

Like described in Greek Mythology, a rarely seen Ghost Shark recently caught on camera is giving some major goals about the unknown and interesting facts about marine life. A Ghost Shark or pointy-nosed blue chimaeras, for the first time was captured on cameras alive off the coasts of Hawaii and California. Like its Greek Mythological […]