05 Mar, 2024
2 mins read

Kenorland, the first supercontinent was formed 2.4 billion years ago and this is how all the changes took place

Earth was primitively a giant ball of water with the huge amount of methane in its atmosphere. But 2.4 billion years ago, things began to change as the first landmass rose from the depths of the ocean, according to a study made by researchers at the University of Oregon. The study stated that the changes […]

3 mins read

Earliest evidences of oxygen found in a galaxy 13.28 billion light-years away from Earth

A distant galaxy, located at around 13 billion light-years away from the Earth and gravitationally lensed, allowed the scientists to detect the earliest evidence of oxygen and the formation of stars and galaxies when the universe was still 2 to 3% of its present age. According to the calculations, the earliest stars were formed some […]

2 mins read

Global Oceans Have Lost 2% Oxygen in 57 Years That Can Be Devastating Marine Life, Warns Study

You might be aware of the distressing influence of climate change and rising temperature level on the ecology of the earth. But you might not know how the unpredictable changes in climatic patterns are contributing to the fatality of marine lives across the world. A new international study, recently published in a famous science journal […]

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‘Great Oxidation Event’ Started 100-Million-Years Earlier Than Previously Thought

The Great Oxygenation Event, which holds the first appearance of dioxygen (O2), started some 100 million years earlier than it is previously believed to be. According to a new study, the inhalation of oxygen that enabled the materialization of complex life on Earth kicked off approximately 100 million years before the proposed timeline, suggested by […]