11 Dec, 2023
3 mins read

More than half of Sunlike Stars in the Milky Way may have a Habitual Planet

A new study suggests that the Milky Way exists with potential planets, which are almost Earth-like. Since there are billions of stars (sun-like) in the Milky Way galaxy, the research suggests that half of these stars can host life on them. These means that they are probable habitual zones. Average numbers state that each sunlike […]

2 mins read

Researchers confirm Einstein’s theory of relativity yet again

Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity has yet proven its credibility in the latest study by a group of scientists which is published in the journal Science. Researchers used the data gathered by NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope and used the data collected by the European Southern Observatory’s Very Large Telescope and were able to find out […]

2 mins read

Astronomers reveal the largest ever survey of 50 galaxies in ultraviolet light

Researchers have published the largest ever survey of stars and galaxies in ultraviolet light depicting our local universe. The survey contributes over 50 active galaxies in high definition snapped by NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope. Touted as LEGUS or Legacy ExtraGalactic UV Survey, the project captures more than 8,000-star clusters and 39 million hot blue stars […]

3 mins read

Earliest evidences of oxygen found in a galaxy 13.28 billion light-years away from Earth

A distant galaxy, located at around 13 billion light-years away from the Earth and gravitationally lensed, allowed the scientists to detect the earliest evidence of oxygen and the formation of stars and galaxies when the universe was still 2 to 3% of its present age. According to the calculations, the earliest stars were formed some […]

2 mins read

Amateur astronomer points his camera towards sky and accidentally captures Supernova

An amateur astronomer has got hold of the first burst of the exploding supernova. Getting the initial bright light of the newly born supernova is considered to be very rare and the chances of such discovery are 1 in every 10 million supernovae. But, this lucky amateur astronomer from Argentina successfully managed to see the […]

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The number of exoplanets will increase soon: Scientists inform

By using more powerful equipment, the scientists have abled to discover many exoplanets. With this, the space discovery is now increasing rapidly and expanding more and more. This breakthrough has given by the Kepler Space Telescope which gives all the possibility to discover hundreds of billions of exoplanets. It was introduced in this field in […]

1 min read

New galaxy found by Hubble space telescope

Recently, Hubble space telescope has found out some traces of a new galaxy which is only 400 million light-years away from Earth. Scientists named this massive galaxy as UGC-12591. Hubble space telescope captured an image which reveals this fact. The telescope has already sent this image to NASA’s space centre and scientists are trying to […]

2 mins read

Scientists Ferret Out Black Hole That Is Fuelling Star Formation

It seems scientists are inching nearer to the complete exploration of ‘black hole enigma,’ which has been overwhelming astronomers since centuries. In a remarkable breakthrough, an international team of scientists has detected a black hole that is fueling star formation – a detection that can pave multiple new paths for solving black hole inscrutability. A […]

3 mins read

Scientists with Chandra X-Ray Observatory Corroborate World’s Longest and Hungriest Black Hole Cluster

Scientists, with the help of advanced technology and satellites, are moving closer to solve the mystery of Black Holes, which have been a matter of concern for astronomers since decades. In such a breakthrough, scientists have verified world’s largest Black Hole clusters, located in a small galaxy, some 1.8 billion light-years away from the earth. […]