05 Mar, 2024
2 mins read

Amateur astronomer points his camera towards sky and accidentally captures Supernova

An amateur astronomer has got hold of the first burst of the exploding supernova. Getting the initial bright light of the newly born supernova is considered to be very rare and the chances of such discovery are 1 in every 10 million supernovae. But, this lucky amateur astronomer from Argentina successfully managed to see the […]

3 mins read

Can you help NASA in finding Planet 9 with this new website?

The US space agency NASA wants citizen scientists to help them in identifying the presence of Planet 9 in our solar system. NASA has created a website Backyard Worlds: Planet 9 where interested participants can scan the data of our solar system and help in identifying the new planet located beyond Neptune. Scientists have mapped our solar […]

3 mins read

Astronomers Using Radial Velocity Method Detect Over 100 New Potential Exoplanets

Scientists have released the data of a two-decade-long planet hunting program for public access, which suggest the presence of new unidentified 114 potential exoplanets in Space. By drawing upon the most successful technique for detecting alien life, astronomers have discovered more than 100 potential planets in space. During a vital exoplanet-observation mission, a team of […]

3 mins read

Astronomers Develop a More Precise Lifetime for Jupiter and Saturn’s Formation

Since centuries, the formation of our solar system and its involved planets has been a matter of question for the scientists and the explorations missions to ascertain this problem is numerous. In such a providential celestial breakthrough, scientists have found out the actual birth timeline of solar system’s two most pivotal planets – Jupiter and […]