19 Jul, 2024
4 mins read

Earth stuck between gravitational tug of Jupiter and Venus which is causing abrupt weather changes

In an astonishing find, researchers have confirmed a longstanding hypothesis that Earth is stuck between the gravity of Jupiter and Venus and both the planets play with the trajectory of our mother Earth. According to the scientists, orbit of Earth if warped by the gravitational pull of Jupiter and Venus in an epic cycle that […]

3 mins read

Aliens exist? Aliens hunters find Triangular UFO speeding through lightning bolt (Video+)

Are alone in this universe? It is a never-ending debate, but some conspiracy theorists very strictly believe that aliens do exist and constantly visit us to monitor our activities. Some alien seekers have come up with evidence of extraterrestrial life to show that we are not alone in this universe and aliens do exist. In a […]

2 mins read

European Space Agency successfully test fires the air-breathing electric thrusters

The European Space Agency has achieved success in building air-breathing thrusters that can be used in space. For the first time ever, the ESA team has successfully built and test fired an air-breathing electric thruster. This electric thruster will use the scarce amount of air molecules found in the upper atmosphere of the Earth to […]

7 mins read

NASA New Horizons creates history by shooting breathtaking image at farthest distance from Earth

The US space agency NASA’s iconic spacecraft New Horizon’s that is exploring objects in Kuiper Belt has shattered another record and made history when the legendary probe captured an image from the farthest distance from Earth. The spacecraft shot beautiful field of stars through its telescopic camera and wrote its name in the history for making […]

4 mins read

Researchers shocked by huge find of stone tools in India than can change our knowledge of human migration

About 300,000 years prior today, the ancestors of present-day humans started modifying the way they used to hunt with the use of small and sharp tools that were created by the use of flakes of stones with a technique known as Levallois. The latest study into the stone tools extracted from a particular site located […]

2 mins read

Aliens exist? People scared as mysterious bright object appears in night sky of Colombia

After a series of alleged UFO sightings and appearance of mysterious objects in the year 2017 and on New year, the trend is still in the air as people have once again come up with a claim of alien sighting in the night sky of Colombia. Local residents got scared after seeing the mysterious bright object […]