21 May, 2024
3 mins read

Aliens exist? Aliens hunters find Triangular UFO speeding through lightning bolt (Video+)

Are alone in this universe? It is a never-ending debate, but some conspiracy theorists very strictly believe that aliens do exist and constantly visit us to monitor our activities. Some alien seekers have come up with evidence of extraterrestrial life to show that we are not alone in this universe and aliens do exist. In a […]

3 mins read

NASA know about Aliens? Scientist accuses US space agency for hiding alien fossils on Mars

A scientist is claiming that US space agency NASA has covered up the evidence of alien life on Mars. The name of the scientist is Dr. Barry DeGregorio and he is from the University of Buckingham. According to him, NASA’s Curiosity Rover, which is currently exploring the Martian ridges, has got hold of traces of […]

4 mins read

Mind Bending ‘Zoo Theory’ on existence of Aliens stun scientists

Are we alone? Do aliens exist? Search for extraterrestrial life got a massive boost in 2017, and some people claimed to spot alien creatures and UFOs to prove the existence of alien life. However, no better proof one can give except by presenting the alien body itself. Meanwhile, a radio astronomer at MIT believes that […]

2 mins read

See Pic: Alien hunters find three UFO flying near ISS in NASA live footage

In an astonishing find, alien hunters have discovered three Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) flying near International Space Station which suggests that Earth might not be the only place in the universe to possess life and alien life might exist on some distant planet. Alien seekers were watching the NASA live feed when they spotted three […]

2 mins read

Aliens exist? NASA cuts live feed as 6 UFOs appear in ISS live feed (Video+)

Alien hunters have once again spotted six UFOs lingering around the International Space Station and accused the US space agency NASA for hiding the truth about the existence of aliens from general public. Alien seekers claim that NASA cut the live feed from ISS as a fleet of six UFOs appeared on the screen and replaced it with […]

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UFO Sightings Detect Extraterrestrial Species like Hairy Spider Monkey and Snail on Mars

Do aliens exist??? There is no certain and solid answer to this long-haul question. But the scientific claims and mysterious sightings are fuelling the belief about the existence of extraterrestrial lives in other earth-like habitable planets. Recently, the renowned UFO seeker and editor of UFO Sightings Daily, Scott C. Waring claimed to detect a mysterious […]

2 mins read

UFO Hunters Detect Giant Spoon on Mars That Instigates Aliens’ Food Consumption Capacity

The question “Do Aliens Exist” has adjoined with a new question which reads “Do Aliens Consume Food”. Well, such a hilarious addition to a serious one is not a part of any jokes, as the UFO Hunters have detected a giant spoon on the Martian Surface. A group of Alien hunters called ‘YouTuber UFO Hunter’ […]

2 mins read

“Hello” – METI Scientists to set up communication with aliens by 2018

After facing multiple unsuccessful scanning of space for exploring the communication signals from extraterrestrial bodies, now the Earth-based astronomers are gearing up to say “Hello” to the aliens first. A San Francisco-based startup organization named as Messaging Extraterrestrial Intelligence (METI) is on their move to follow the basic rule of communication by sending ‘hello’ to […]