12 Dec, 2023
3 mins read

Harvard says: Aliens to send mysterious signals to humans

The strange message received on Earth by some space satellites may be some mysterious messages send by the aliens to the humans. Harvard is actively sticking to this opinion. One of the Harvard scientist claims that the mysterious fast radio bursts may be evidence of advanced alien technology. These signals might be some mysterious leakage […]

2 mins read

Radio Signal mystery continues as scientist again receive denser FRBs close to Milky Way

It is less than one year, to the detection of mysterious and strong radio signals near out Galaxy – Milky Ways. The event was noted in March 2016, when scientists found strong radio waves coming from some unknown point in the space towards the earth. While the to-be-one-year mystery is still unanswered, scientists once again […]

2 mins read

“Hello” – METI Scientists to set up communication with aliens by 2018

After facing multiple unsuccessful scanning of space for exploring the communication signals from extraterrestrial bodies, now the Earth-based astronomers are gearing up to say “Hello” to the aliens first. A San Francisco-based startup organization named as Messaging Extraterrestrial Intelligence (METI) is on their move to follow the basic rule of communication by sending ‘hello’ to […]