Aliens exist? Aliens hunters find Triangular UFO speeding through lightning bolt (Video+)
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Aliens exist? Aliens hunters find Triangular UFO speeding through lightning bolt (Video+)

Are alone in this universe? It is a never-ending debate, but some conspiracy theorists very strictly believe that aliens do exist and constantly visit us to monitor our activities. Some alien seekers have come up with evidence of extraterrestrial life to show that we are not alone in this universe and aliens do exist. In a similar attempt to prove alien life, Youtuber SecureTeam10 has uploaded a video which shows a triangular shaped UFO speeding through a lightning bolt. The alien enthusiast believes that no human-made spacecraft could survive the power of lightning bolt and probably alien-made spacecraft was travelling through the lightning.

The YouTuber regularly posts about the UFO sightings and alien findings to prove the existence of alien life. In the latest video, the editor has paused the video and enhanced the image to make it easy for everyone to spot the triangular shaped object within the lightning bolt. The video went viral on social media and received thousands of shares and likes. At the time of writing, the video has amassed over 400,000 views on Youtube.

Conspiracy theorists became active soon after watching the video. Some claimed that the UFO was following the path of the lightning while some claimed that aliens have advanced techniques and they were harnessing energy from the lightning bolt. As per some conspiracy theorists, aliens are far intelligent than humans and have figured out a way to recharge their spaceships through sun and lightning as well.

Presence of alien life excites everyone. The mere thought of an extraterrestrial life existing beyond the confines of planet Earth is enough to send in a rush of adrenaline through our body. It would be an amazing experience to understand their biology, their social life, and even their technology. Are they more advanced than us? Or do they have three eyes? How do they eat? Questions like this always chase through our brain.

However, some scientists believe that extraterrestrial existence is just 20 years away and we will be able to spot them within next two decades. After years of sending probes and rockets to various parts of the solar system, we have explored much of our neighbouring planets and even moon, but we are yet to discover extraterrestrial evidence. Right now the most promising possibility is the discovery of some microbial life, even invisible to the naked eye.

Apparently, search for alien life has gained pace in recent times and space agencies are working hard to find the proof of extraterrestrial life. Meanwhile, a team of scientists from the Plymouth University believes that we should take help of artificial intelligence to find the alien life. According to researchers, artificial intelligence has witnessed rapid developments and it can help us in predicting the probability of life on other planets.

For the study, scientists have harnessed the power of artificial intelligence and artificial neural networks (ANNs) to classify planets into five types, based on the likelihood of supporting extraterrestrial life. Based on these groups, scientists will further conduct interstellar missions to find the alien life.