12 Dec, 2023
2 mins read

SpaceX Dragon spacecraft to return to the Earth next week

The Commercial Resupply Services (CRS-14) launched on April 02 from the Cape Canaveral that took the resupply ship Dragon to the International Space Station is set to embark on its journey to return to the Earth soon next week when its Dragon spacecraft is expected to splash down in the Pacific Ocean. SpaceX’s Dragon spacecraft […]

3 mins read

Great Barrier Reef gets $379 million investment to combat coral die-offs

After series of bleaching events, agricultural runoffs, climate change, and coral-eating starfish collectively destroyed a huge chunk of the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, it has received an investment of half a million Australian dollars or $379million USD to prevent these catastrophic entities to cause further irreversible damage to the Australia’s biggest tourist spot and […]

4 mins read

NASA to pay 15% more for resupply missions to ISS between 2020 and 2024

NASA, the U.S. space agency that looks after launching the resupply ships to the International Space Station will now have to pay more for comparatively lesser cargo to the space station. These findings came as a part of a new analysis was NASA will have to spend more to supply less cargo the station during […]

5 mins read

ESA’s Gaia spacecraft gathers stunning map of our galaxy encompassing 1.3 billion stars

A $1billion dollar probe launched by European Space Agency back in 2013 has recently transmitted stunning images of quasars, stars, asteroids and much more. It has literally mapped a section of our Milky Way galaxy using its sophisticated equipment and instruments. Gaia spacecraft was launched to map the galaxy and stars like never before back […]

4 mins read

EU launches the seventh Sentinel satellite in the space

The seventh European Union (UN) Sentinel satellite was recently launched into the orbit with the help of a converted intercontinental ballistic missile aboard Russian Rokot launcher that injected the Sentinel-3b satellite into a similar orbit to the previously sent Sentinel-3a which was launched two years ago. The new Sentinel-3b spacecraft is a part of EU […]

4 mins read

CubeSats are the next big thing in the space industry

NASA has made some greater achievements and discoveries over the years, however, with the end of its Space Shuttle program back in 2011, there is no way NASA could put an astronaut in space or to the ISS without the help of Russia’s Roscosmos. Although NASA maintains a number of launches that take place every […]

4 mins read

WASP-104b, the darkest planet detected with absorption of more than 99% of light

A team of researchers has made a fascinating discovery about a planet’s ability to absorb 99% of the light that reflects on it. The planet is the question is equivalent to the size of Jupiter located around 466 million light-years away from our planet. Its distinct feature is its blackness where it blocks 99% of […]

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CRISPR-Cas9 could have the potential to combat global coral bleaching events

Extensive studies have confirmed that the Great Barrier Reef in Australia has lost over 50% of its corals. In fact, due to constantly occurring global coral bleaching events since the 1980s which trigger two of the events in 2016 and 2017 each has resulted in the loss of over 27% of the world’s coral reefs […]

3 mins read

Rare breastfeeding-related genetic mutation helped Native Americans survive the last ice age

A recent study suggests when the transformation from early humans on Earth into evolved modern-day homo sapiens, a gene related to breastfeeding might have played an imperative role in the process of mutation during the transformation. The last ice age that occurred between 11,500 to 21,000 years ago was a chilly period where a number […]