26 Feb, 2024
3 mins read

A new mysterious disease has engulfed half of the coral species from Florida Keys

Coral reefs around the globe are being battered and bleached off due to numerous reasons. After two massive bleaching events at the Great Barrier Reef in Australia which disrupted 30-odd percentage of coral reef, it is Florida Keys, the third largest coral reef system in the world which is suffering from the wrath of climate […]

6 mins read

Hawaii officials could ban sunscreen to protect coral reefs

Apart from the studies and theories discussed around the world to protect coral reefs, Hawaii officials have decided to put a ban on a certain type of sunscreen manufacturing. In a release, the lawmakers last week announced that they have passed a bill to put a ban on sales and manufacturing of sunscreen having a […]

3 mins read

Great Barrier Reef gets $379 million investment to combat coral die-offs

After series of bleaching events, agricultural runoffs, climate change, and coral-eating starfish collectively destroyed a huge chunk of the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, it has received an investment of half a million Australian dollars or $379million USD to prevent these catastrophic entities to cause further irreversible damage to the Australia’s biggest tourist spot and […]

3 mins read

Coral reefs that protect sea shores from wrath of cyclones are dying of climate change

In a new study, scientists have revealed that coral reefs are not only necessary to protect our environment but they also play a major role in protecting coasts from tropical cyclones as it calms down the large waves before they reach shore and cause havoc on marine habitats and coastal infrastructure disrupting the ecological balance. “Reefs […]

2 mins read

Study says starfishes are gulping the essential Coral reefs

The Barrier reef is just not only in endanger due to the rise in ocean temperature but also threatened by injurious starfish. It is confirmed that starfish is responsible for gulping a large section of barrier reefs by the Authority of Marine Park. The park officials stated that the starfish species a native starfish from […]

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Assisted evolution, genetic barcoding  will save coral reefs from global destruction: Report

To maintain the ecosystem of the ocean, coral reef plays a very important role. But some natural disasters like hurricanes, etc. have destroyed them. Sine some few years their numbers have started falling. Coral reefs have greatly affected by CO2. A few days back, UNESCO also informed that uncontrollable emission of CO2 would lead to […]

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Australia’s Great Barrier Reef can soon damage its existence

Scientists are of the opinion that Australia’s Great Barrier Reef is continuously bleaching off its coral reef for two years consecutively. The bleaching initiated last year, but the phenomenon is still proceeding and shows no sign of stopping. How coral bleaching occurs? Coral bleaching can be termed as a phenomenon caused due to pollution. When […]

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Great Barrier Reef Is Inching Closer To 20-Years Timeline of Extinction: Climate Council

Australia’s iconic Great Barrier Reef, which is the house of millions of colorful aquatic creatures and coral reefs is inching closer to extinction, and within 20 years, it will be no more, warned the Climate Council of Australia. The mounting intensity of climate change and greenhouse gas emissions is driving world’s maritime heritage towards destruction. […]

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Wildfires, Hike in Ocean Altitude and Coral Blanching are Three Harshest Backlashes of Climate Change

Those, who believe climate change is to be a mere hoax or Chinese-created plotting for prompting terror should pay attention! NASA and NOAA, two topmost government agencies have mutually declared 2016 to be the hottest year. Last year has broken two warm year records set by 2014 and 2015, and the report published on Wednesday, […]