27 Feb, 2024
2 mins read

Oumuamua is not an asteroid, researchers reclassify it as a comet

Last year, a first of its kind interstellar object was captured by Pan-STARRS1 telescope on Haleakala. This was a tricky object to classify as it didn’t have any emission or there was no dusty environment to classify it as a comet and thus, after a considerate time and spent by numerous researchers this first-of-its-kind interstellar […]

4 mins read

Watch stunning NASA image of huge ash erupting from Kilauea volcano in Hawaii

Scientists at the US space agency NASA have shared another stunning image of ash erupting from the Kilauea volcano on the Island of Hawaii. As per the reports, the volcano is erupting a large amount of lava in the East Riff which has also lead to high levels of sulfur dioxide in the region forcing people to evacuate […]

6 mins read

Hawaii officials could ban sunscreen to protect coral reefs

Apart from the studies and theories discussed around the world to protect coral reefs, Hawaii officials have decided to put a ban on a certain type of sunscreen manufacturing. In a release, the lawmakers last week announced that they have passed a bill to put a ban on sales and manufacturing of sunscreen having a […]

4 mins read

Journey to Mars: How NASA is tackling several challenges for sending Astronauts to Mars

Going to Mars is as said, easy to imagine than achieve. NASA and bunch of other government and public space agencies and companies have been investing millions and billions into developing the technology required to travel a vast distance from Earth to the Mars which has been the plot of many movies, however, it has […]

2 mins read

Bush warblers from Hawaiian Islands might provide evolutionary insights

Japan based Bush warbler variety of birds were introduced in the year 1929 to the Oahu Island which is a part of the Hawaiian archipelago. A recent study of this variety has provided latest insight emerging from the evolution of bird species that were of the non-native kind present in the state. The study of […]

2 mins read

Six Scientists Enter Hawaii for Practicing Simulated Mars Living for Eight Months

NASA is aggressively moving towards its first Manned Mars mission, slated for 2030. However, before entering into the harsh and thin atmosphere of the Red Planet, the US-based space agency has appointed a group of six astronaut-like members for practicing life on Mars, in an isolated zone of Hawaii. Under the mission called ‘Hawaii Space […]