27 May, 2024
3 mins read

UAE plans to Launch its first Moon Rover by 2024

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has recently planned to visit the moon in a lunar rover called Rashid which is scheduled to be launched in the year 2024. While the nation’s first beyond the Earth’s orbit mission is going on the announcement to visit the moon has been declared. Adnan Airais headed the agency’s Mars […]

2 mins read

Poop and Bacteria could be the future food for Astronauts

Space researchers have been working on a model to produce food for the astronauts in the space journey itself. In a recent study conducted by a team of researchers, three varieties of bacteria have been noted down to transform human waste into a food source for astronauts. As of now, our mission to start a […]

2 mins read

ISRO to Conduct ‘Inter-Planetary Missions’ in 2021-22; Eyes on Visiting Mars and Venus

India is all set to rule over the space industry by breaking some of most significant records soon. Currently, the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) is gearing up to set out 104 satellites on a single PSLV rocket on 15th February 2017, while the next mission is to land probes on two most mysterious planets […]

2 mins read

NASA to Join Forces with ESA and Airbus for Its Historical 2021 Manned Orion Mission

NASA’s ambitious Orion mission that aims at taking human being beyond the Lower Earth Orbit (LEO) is under development and is expected to have effect by 2021. While NASA was the sole owner and operator of this goal-oriented space mission, now European Space Agency (ESA) and aerospace company Airbus have joined the force. Yesterday, European […]

2 mins read

Six Scientists Enter Hawaii for Practicing Simulated Mars Living for Eight Months

NASA is aggressively moving towards its first Manned Mars mission, slated for 2030. However, before entering into the harsh and thin atmosphere of the Red Planet, the US-based space agency has appointed a group of six astronaut-like members for practicing life on Mars, in an isolated zone of Hawaii. Under the mission called ‘Hawaii Space […]