19 May, 2024
4 mins read

‘Lost’ tapes from Apollo missions reveal astronauts might have caused hike in temperature on the lunar surface

NASA launched several Apollo missions in the early 1970s in which, twelve astronauts were able to step on the moon; Neil Armstrong made a history after being the first person to step on the moon. However, a recent study suggests that these astronauts might have contributed towards the increasing lunar temperature which shot to more […]

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Here are few Russian space traditions that every cosmonaut must follow

Russia has its own customs and traditions to follow before, during, and after every spaceflight launch which has become integral ever since it was started by Yuri Gagarin, the first man in space back in 1961 before his first launch. There are many activities that Russian cosmonauts and astronauts from other space agencies do in […]

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Soyuz rocket is set to launch today from Baikonur Cosmodrome at 07.12 a.m. EDT: Watch Live

Today on June 06, three astronauts will set out on the International Space Station Expedition 57 onboard Soyuz-FG rocket which is expected to lift off from Baikonur Cosmodrome at 07.12 a.m. PDT from the Launch Pad No. 1, the same pad used by Yuri Gagarin on his mission to become the first person in space […]

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NASA Marks 50 Years Anniversary of Apollo-1 Tragedy and Pays Tribute to Three Fallen Astronauts

On 50 years completion of NASA’s disastrous Apollo-1 mission, the US-based space agency, for the first-time has arranged a tribute exhibit for the fallen astronaut heroes of the spacecraft. The ambitious Apollo mission of NASA lost its successful track after the black-day of 27th January 1976, when the three astronauts burned up in a flash […]

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Six Scientists Enter Hawaii for Practicing Simulated Mars Living for Eight Months

NASA is aggressively moving towards its first Manned Mars mission, slated for 2030. However, before entering into the harsh and thin atmosphere of the Red Planet, the US-based space agency has appointed a group of six astronaut-like members for practicing life on Mars, in an isolated zone of Hawaii. Under the mission called ‘Hawaii Space […]

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“Space Science Investigations: Plant Growth”: A Game That Will Allow You to Grow Plants, Meet Crews, and Fly around ISS

Cheers space enthusiasts! Now you can easily meet up the astronauts, take wings around the largest habitable artificial satellite – International Space Station (ISS), and also can grow plants on it. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), on Monday, has introduced a new gaming app that will let players disseminate with the International Space Station […]

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Astronomer’s Bold Prophecy Corroborate Stargazers to Witness Phenomenal Red Nova In 2020

2020 is expected to bring a phenomenal occasion for the space enthusiasts and stargazers as astronomers have made a bold prediction about the occurrence of a Red Nova in the very same year. As per the fresh prediction of astronomers, the dual star detected in the summer constellation Cygnus is expected to burst into an […]

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‘Mars Ice Home’: NASA Proposes Blueprint of Abode for Potential Mars Explorers

As the prospects for the Mars Landing Project of NASA is coming closer, the scientists of the US-based Space agency are now busy in designing the blueprints for the residential address for the future explorers of the Red Planet. As the outcome of a winning research and innovative idea, the astronomers and scientists at NASA’s […]