11 Dec, 2023
3 mins read

Soyuz Crew left Space Station ahead of ISS 20-year Milestone

The Russian Soyuz MS-16 spacecraft left the ISS (International Space Station) and landed in Dzhezkagan, a town in the Kazakh Steppes at 8.45 am Kazakh time on Oct 22, 2020. The landing was supported by a retro-rocket and a parachute. The spacecraft covered 3136 orbits of the Earth measuring nearly 83 million miles. The return […]

4 mins read

Here are few Russian space traditions that every cosmonaut must follow

Russia has its own customs and traditions to follow before, during, and after every spaceflight launch which has become integral ever since it was started by Yuri Gagarin, the first man in space back in 1961 before his first launch. There are many activities that Russian cosmonauts and astronauts from other space agencies do in […]

2 mins read

The Launches of Proton-M Rockets Might Get Delayed Down To Extra Technical Checks: Russia

Wednesday, on 24th January 2017, Russia’s space agency has declared about the arrangements of additional technical checks for its Proton-M Rockets, which in other ways may force the agency to push some launches forward. The announcement of Russian space agency came after few days after the Kommersant daily detected multiple manufacturing glitches in the suite […]

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Say Hello to Next ISS Crews Who Will Take Space Voyage in Late Spring, 2017

The largest habitable artificial satellite of NASA, the International Space Station (ISS) currently hosts 6 guests from Earth and soon three others are going to be added to this guest list of ISS. In the late spring of this year, two astronauts, each from Europe and Russia will take a trip to the International Space […]