“Space Science Investigations: Plant Growth”: A Game That Will Allow You to Grow Plants, Meet Crews, and Fly around ISS
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“Space Science Investigations: Plant Growth”: A Game That Will Allow You to Grow Plants, Meet Crews, and Fly around ISS

Cheers space enthusiasts! Now you can easily meet up the astronauts, take wings around the largest habitable artificial satellite – International Space Station (ISS), and also can grow plants on it. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), on Monday, has introduced a new gaming app that will let players disseminate with the International Space Station (ISS) through their smartphone.

The revolutionary gaming app is titled as ‘Space Science Investigations: Plant Growth.’ It is a smartphone-exclusive gaming app that will let the users get virtually familiarize with the ISS. Through the game, the players will be able to take wings around the ISS and also can meet up the crews of the space lab. Moreover, the gamers will also be capable of user growing plants on the zero-gravity zone of ISS, through their smartphones. While playing NASA’s new gaming app, users can virtually take swings and soar in the region of the International Space Station. With the complete ground-breaking concept for its Space Science Investigations: Plant Growth, NASA is expected to pave better and handy ways for the space devotees to stumble upon the diplomacy that the astronauts used to face when they are on the ISS.

On this context, Slash Gear; an online news portal for technology has published an article, according to which, the gamers, before attempting the game, should have to understand the concept, theme, and tricks of the game.  While playing the game, ‘Space Science Investigations: Plant Growth’, NASA has advised the users to take a deep look on the perception of the game thoroughly so that they will be completely familiar with the gaming activities and can easily fly in the zero gravity or the micro-gravity ecology of ISS.

ISS is currently placed in the low Earth Orbit, where the presence of gravitational waves is almost zero and hence growing plants in such an environment is somehow impossible. NASA, since quite longer time, is attempting to take the initiative of growing plants in ISS forward. However, the mission is still in a hanging situation due to the lack of right ideas and perception. Through this new game, users will be able to plant trees in ISS virtually, which in other ways will assist NASA to conclude design and blueprint for the mission.