21 May, 2024
3 mins read

Mars explorers boast high risk of Leukaemia, warns new study

After conducting a lot of studies on how travelling in space is making an impact on the health of the astronauts, scientists have found out that, intense radiations bulging out in space, on the human body are a serious threat to human life. It can cause Leukaemia in Astronauts. While studying three years long space flight […]

2 mins read

NASA to Join Forces with ESA and Airbus for Its Historical 2021 Manned Orion Mission

NASA’s ambitious Orion mission that aims at taking human being beyond the Lower Earth Orbit (LEO) is under development and is expected to have effect by 2021. While NASA was the sole owner and operator of this goal-oriented space mission, now European Space Agency (ESA) and aerospace company Airbus have joined the force. Yesterday, European […]

2 mins read

Six Scientists Enter Hawaii for Practicing Simulated Mars Living for Eight Months

NASA is aggressively moving towards its first Manned Mars mission, slated for 2030. However, before entering into the harsh and thin atmosphere of the Red Planet, the US-based space agency has appointed a group of six astronaut-like members for practicing life on Mars, in an isolated zone of Hawaii. Under the mission called ‘Hawaii Space […]

2 mins read

‘Mars Ice Home’: NASA Proposes Blueprint of Abode for Potential Mars Explorers

As the prospects for the Mars Landing Project of NASA is coming closer, the scientists of the US-based Space agency are now busy in designing the blueprints for the residential address for the future explorers of the Red Planet. As the outcome of a winning research and innovative idea, the astronomers and scientists at NASA’s […]