12 Dec, 2023
2 mins read

NASA Aero Space Super Guppy lands at Grand Junction Regional Airport

Super Guppy, a cargo aircraft five-story tall touched down at the Grand Junction Regional Airport, Colorado on Tuesday as a part of its routine transport. The giant aircraft is 150 feet long and 50 feet tall with an interior diameter of 25-foot with a cargo carrying capacity of massive 40,000lbs. According to the reports, the […]

4 mins read

Journey to Mars: How NASA is tackling several challenges for sending Astronauts to Mars

Going to Mars is as said, easy to imagine than achieve. NASA and bunch of other government and public space agencies and companies have been investing millions and billions into developing the technology required to travel a vast distance from Earth to the Mars which has been the plot of many movies, however, it has […]

3 mins read

NASA proposes a lunar space station for deep space exploration with construction starting in 2019

NASA is all set to return to the moon after decades. NASA is ready to welcome a new chapter in its space exploration with a new space station that will be stationed around the moon. A NASA representative confirmed NASA’s plans at the Space Symposium conference held on April 19 where he explained about the […]

2 mins read

NASA to Join Forces with ESA and Airbus for Its Historical 2021 Manned Orion Mission

NASA’s ambitious Orion mission that aims at taking human being beyond the Lower Earth Orbit (LEO) is under development and is expected to have effect by 2021. While NASA was the sole owner and operator of this goal-oriented space mission, now European Space Agency (ESA) and aerospace company Airbus have joined the force. Yesterday, European […]