11 Dec, 2023
3 mins read

Bits of Venus might be Covering up on the Moon

The moon might be concealing the logical key to the puzzling past of our neighboring world, Venus. Researchers feel that Earth and Venus were once outrageously comparative. At that point, something occurred on Venus to transform it into the impact-driven planet it is today. Presently, new exploration recommends that the proof of exactly how that […]

3 mins read

Jesus Christ is an extraterrestrial being from Venus, claims a spiritual society “The Aetherius”

Do you know Jesus Christ was from Venus? Well, at least there is a group of spiritual society which believes that Jesus was an extraterrestrial being born and brought on Venus and thus, he bestowed his blessings when stepping on the Earth. As per “The Aetherius”, a growing religion that was established in the late […]

4 mins read

Blind Baba Vanga had two world changing prophecies for 2018; She foretold 9/11

Baba Vanga, whose predictions shocked the world and turned into reality; had made two predictions for the upcoming year 2018 which can cause a whole difference in term of science and economy. She predicted that a new form of energy would be discovered on Venus and China will take over from the US and will become the […]

2 mins read

ISRO to Conduct ‘Inter-Planetary Missions’ in 2021-22; Eyes on Visiting Mars and Venus

India is all set to rule over the space industry by breaking some of most significant records soon. Currently, the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) is gearing up to set out 104 satellites on a single PSLV rocket on 15th February 2017, while the next mission is to land probes on two most mysterious planets […]

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NASA Develops a New Electronics That Can Withstand Venus’ Extreme Temperature

If you ever wondered – why scientists are trying to colonizing Mars rather than Venus, then the answer is Venus’ extremely unreceptive atmosphere. The extreme inhospitable climatic and temperature conditions are two of the most challenging factors for the scientists to study Venus – the second planet of solar system. Regardless of numerous advancements in […]

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Space Timeline of February: Notes on Not-To-Miss Sights of February’s Night Skies

The second month of 2017 is around the corner and only after few hours, the clock will strike at February. The month of January was quite successful for space missions and sky grazers and the approaching month also has some exclusive sights for the space enthusiasts. However, before the month ends, nature has some precious […]

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Akatsuki Orbiter Photographs Giant Atmospheric Gravity Wave in Upper Cloud Layer of Venus

Japanese space probe Akatsuki Orbiter or Venus Climate Orbiter (VCO) has captured the view of stunning and strange atmospheric phenomenon on the upper layer of its orbiting planet Venus. The space probe, during its close flyby, spotted a strange and giant gravity wave in the atmosphere of Venus which is expected to be the biggest-of-its-kind […]

2 mins read

ISRO’s Successful Mars Orbiter Mission Soon To Be Trailed by Venus and Jupiter Mission

As the New Year struck the clock, India Space Agency is likely to plan something bigger and more adventurous. Indian Space research Organization (ISRO) after receiving the overwhelmed praise for its Mars Orbit Mission, is now gearing up for launching spacecraft to another two planets. As announced by the officials of ISRO, the India-based space […]