05 Mar, 2024
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NOAA reports increasing global temperature in its 400 months global report

NASA’s National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) recently published the records of temperature for last 400 months which is more than 33 years where the Earth’s temperature has been above average. Earth has reached a milestone in terms of temperature difference which was reflected in the April edition of monthly global climate report by NOAA. […]

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2017: already marked as the highest temperature recorded year

As global warming is rising, every year temperature is rising too high extremes. Today, our world stands in a place where controlling temperature has become a big deal to cope with. Climate experts have noted that this year too, temperature and climate change is happening continuously. Artic heat waves are rising the temperature of the […]

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January 2017 Is the Third Hottest In 137 Years: NASA

Global temperature is mounting at an alarming pace; resulting in multiple variations in earth’s ecology and natural system and a credible evidence of this devastating phenomenon is the first month of this year. As per the newest data, collected by NASA, January 2017 is the third hottest month on record. According to NASA’s report, two […]

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Scientists May Have Deciphered Reason behind Antarctica’s 34-Million-Years of Frozen State

“When and how did Antarctica go into deep freeze state” – this is one ecological question that has long been wondering researchers and ecologists. However, finally, a team of international scientists from the McGill University has claimed to find out the perfect answer to this ‘when and how.’ According to the research paper research published […]

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NASA Develops a New Electronics That Can Withstand Venus’ Extreme Temperature

If you ever wondered – why scientists are trying to colonizing Mars rather than Venus, then the answer is Venus’ extremely unreceptive atmosphere. The extreme inhospitable climatic and temperature conditions are two of the most challenging factors for the scientists to study Venus – the second planet of solar system. Regardless of numerous advancements in […]

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Scientists Develop A Snake-Like Skin That Can Sense Temperature

A poisonous snake has inspired scientists to develop an artificial skin that can feel the changes in temperature. At Caltech and ETH Zurich, a group of international scientists and engineers have successfully developed an artificial skin that is capable of detecting the changes in temperature and sense the heat, like a snake does. The researchers […]

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“Global Warming Pause” has never come to effect, says new study

The US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), which with its 2015-published study had raised question over the so-called ‘pause’ in global warming, now have been corroborated by a recently published study. The so-called pause in global warming which was reported between 1998 and 2014 now is backed by the research paper published on Wednesday […]

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Scientists concoct most heat resistant material that endures 40000-degree Celsius

In a breakthrough, a group of scientists has found a ground-breaking material that can bear up the highest degree of temperature. The group from Imperial College London at the United Kingdom has built up a notable and most astounding warmth resistance material that can withstand the temperature of about 40000-degree Celsius with much effectiveness. This […]

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2016 to set the record of warmest year, warns NOAA

In less than two weeks, 2016 is going to set a new record of being the hottest year of the world after 120 years, a recently conducted study warned. The abnormal changes in climatic patterns are affecting every single part of the world and ecosystem since past couple of decades. But the current year, 2016 […]