23 Jul, 2024
3 mins read

Researchers found hidden subglacial valleys near the South Pole, Antarctica

Recently, researchers involved in an ambitious project found valleys and troughs deep inside the thick icy region of Western Antarctica near the South Pole. Scientists believe that the recent discovery can help contribute to the knowledge of rising global sea levels. A team of British researchers from Northumbria University and other participating universities and institutions […]

4 mins read

Alien hunters discover UFO crash site in Antarctica using Google Maps, Watch video

Once again the rumors of UFO findings have hit the headlines. A Google Earth image of a remote location in Antarctica has sparked rumors about an alleged UFO landing in the icy continent of the world. The UFO Hunters, as well as the conspiracy theorists, believe that a UFO landed near Antarctica on the South […]

2 mins read

2017: already marked as the highest temperature recorded year

As global warming is rising, every year temperature is rising too high extremes. Today, our world stands in a place where controlling temperature has become a big deal to cope with. Climate experts have noted that this year too, temperature and climate change is happening continuously. Artic heat waves are rising the temperature of the […]

1 min read

Antarctica hits new heat temperature, around 64 degrees F

Recently according to some researches done by Argentina’s scientists, it was found that Antarctica suddenly recorded highest heat temperature in decades. The temperature rose to almost 17.5 degree Celsius which is too much for the icy cold ice-bergs of Antarctica to bear. These reports were published by U.N. weather agency on Wednesday, March 1st, 2017. […]

2 mins read

Scientists May Have Deciphered Reason behind Antarctica’s 34-Million-Years of Frozen State

“When and how did Antarctica go into deep freeze state” – this is one ecological question that has long been wondering researchers and ecologists. However, finally, a team of international scientists from the McGill University has claimed to find out the perfect answer to this ‘when and how.’ According to the research paper research published […]

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New Zealand Navy Launches Investigational Buoy in the Sub-Antarctic Southern Ocean to Detect “Liquid Himalayas”

Today, New Zealand navy has introduced an experimental buoy which will hint for the manners of navigating enormous waves in oceans. Gargantuan waves called the “liquid Himalayas,” are one of the most dangerous threats to the ships floating on the oceans and to deal with this menace, Navy of New Zealand has deployed a moored […]

2 mins read

Crack in Larsen C Ice Shelf Is Moving Ahead And Has Expanded Extra 10km since 1st January

Back in December last year, a team of scientists from NASA managed to photograph the massive crack in the Larsen C Ice Shelf. Under the IceBridge mission, NASA’s scientists clicked an oblique view of a huge fissure in the Larsen C ice shelf of Antarctic Peninsula and since then, the site was under surveillance. However, […]

2 mins read

Antarctica’s Massive Ice Crack Enforced BAS to Shut Halley VI Research Station Down

Halley VI Research Station, owned and operated by British Antarctic Survey (BAS) is getting closer to shut down, because of the huge ice crack found in Antarctica. The scientific research station, which is positioned on the Brunt Ice Shelf hanging on the Weddell Sea in Antarctica, is about to close as the huge crack in […]

2 mins read

Underwater Robot Spot a Multicolored World under Antarctica’s Sea Ice

A video captured by a remote-control camera has shown a stunning marine community below the freezing ice sheets of Antarctica Ocean, a discovery which can lead researcher towards a more revealing world of marine life. Australian researchers, during the wake of introducing an underwater robot, have captured an exclusive and surprising video footage of a […]