28 May, 2024
2 mins read

New Findings on South Pole of Mars

Mars, also known as ‘The Red Planet’, has always been a topic of discussion all around the world. Scientists and astronomers have always been curious to know more about it. Various studies have been undergoing on this particular planet. Different countries have their methods for their study. A new improvement in this study has taken […]

4 mins read

ISRO’ Chandrayaan-II mission to study trillion dollars nuclear energy material on the lunar surface

Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) is gearing up its second moon mission ‘Chandrayaan-II’ which is slated to launch in October this year. But wait, the rover will land on the south side of the moon, the far side of the moon which is yet not analyzed. The aim is to land at the south side […]

3 mins read

Researchers found hidden subglacial valleys near the South Pole, Antarctica

Recently, researchers involved in an ambitious project found valleys and troughs deep inside the thick icy region of Western Antarctica near the South Pole. Scientists believe that the recent discovery can help contribute to the knowledge of rising global sea levels. A team of British researchers from Northumbria University and other participating universities and institutions […]