27 May, 2024
3 mins read

Researchers found hidden subglacial valleys near the South Pole, Antarctica

Recently, researchers involved in an ambitious project found valleys and troughs deep inside the thick icy region of Western Antarctica near the South Pole. Scientists believe that the recent discovery can help contribute to the knowledge of rising global sea levels. A team of British researchers from Northumbria University and other participating universities and institutions […]

2 mins read

Earth orbital variations and sea ice formations: Key to ice age periodicity

Using computer simulations, the scientists have discovered a further truth to the cyclic nature of the ice and glacial age on earth. The 100000-year cycle of extended cold periods through the history where the average temperature across the globe drops and in the Polar Regions, the seas ice further declines the ambient conditions required for sustaining […]

2 mins read

Warm Ocean Causing Antarctic’s Ice glacial to Liquefy at an Alarming Rate

Totten Glacier, which is one of the world’s largest glaciers located in East Antarctica, is being affected by the intense impacts of climate change and hence draining at a faster pace, a research report revealed. As per the survey reports of an international group of scientists from the United States and Australia, an ocean of […]