26 Feb, 2024
2 mins read

Earth orbital variations and sea ice formations: Key to ice age periodicity

Using computer simulations, the scientists have discovered a further truth to the cyclic nature of the ice and glacial age on earth. The 100000-year cycle of extended cold periods through the history where the average temperature across the globe drops and in the Polar Regions, the seas ice further declines the ambient conditions required for sustaining […]

2 mins read

Japan’s upgraded Epsilon booster that will study Genesis of Geomagnetic Storms to take-off Today

Japan’s small-class space launcher Epsilon Booster together with one satellite is gearing up to take off today from Uchinoura Space Center. On Tuesday, the upgraded Version of Epsilon Booster with a satellite will fly off to the space to study the sources of powerful geomagnetic hurricanes, strong and intense natural phenomena that set off pictorial […]