16 Jun, 2024
4 mins read

ISRO’ Chandrayaan-II mission to study trillion dollars nuclear energy material on the lunar surface

Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) is gearing up its second moon mission ‘Chandrayaan-II’ which is slated to launch in October this year. But wait, the rover will land on the south side of the moon, the far side of the moon which is yet not analyzed. The aim is to land at the south side […]

3 mins read

Researchers use X-ray lasers to heat liquid to 100,000 degrees Celsius in just 75 femtoseconds

It takes a good 3 to 4 minutes for the water to boil when you want to make tea or coffee or just want to drink hot water. However, there is a faster way to heat up the water in a fraction of second. In fact, researchers have demonstrated the world’s fastest water heater that […]

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Earth-like mud cracks found on Mars dates back to 3.5 billion years

Last January (2017), NASA’s Curiosity Mars Rover which was sent to study the Martian surface stumbled upon ancient ‘mud cracks’ inside the Gale Crater. The photos sent by the rover through the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter to the Earth revealed a 30-inch-long slab of rock with a crisscross pattern of polygons. The photos captured by Curiosity’s […]

8 mins read

Incredible! Moon might be hiding huge deposits of immobile water beneath its surface

Scientists are still confused about the amount of water present on Moon, our closest cosmic neighbour. Some scientists say that water is present on Moon in a particular region while others claim that water on Moon is widespread. But a recent study looked at the data from two lunar missions and concluded that water is […]

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TRAPPIST system with exoplanets could house the “New Earth”: Suggests study

The year 2015 marked the discovery of three rocky planets that were similar to the size of Earth orbiting a dwarf star named Trappist-1. Two years later in the month of February 2017, another four planets were discovered orbiting in a tight pattern around the star. The team behind this discovery was led by a […]

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Minerals present in Martian rocks sucked in all water and made the planet inhabitable, says study

A new study revealed that, if liquid water was present on Mars, then it would have been dried up the rocks present on Mars’s surface. Mars is known as a dry, arid and frozen planet. Many scientists think that ancient Mars had water present on its surface but with the passage of time all its […]

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Solar powered device to pull out the scarcity of water

Scientists have found out that there are 13000 trillion litres of water deep beneath the earth’s surface. However, taking about Sahara dessert, that doesn’t count much of it. The scientists have finally found out a new kind of device that allows one to pull out water from the scar regions of deserts. This new device […]

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Scientists discover eighth continent Zealandia submerged under water

A team of scientists from Australia and New Zealand claims that they have discovered a lost continent hidden undersea. The large landmass drowned in southwest Pacific is nearly three times the size of Alaska that covers New Zealand with the highest peak at Aoraki (Mount Cook). Named as “Zealandia,” the newly discovered continent covers 4.9 million […]

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Intake of Water from Plastic Bottle during Pregnancy Can Drive Up Risks of Obese Babies

Pregnancy is the period of both ecstasy and caution for every woman. There are several precautions prescribed to all the soon-to-be-mothers for delivering a healthy baby. But do you know, a standard method of drinking water can hamper the wellness of your baby during pregnancy? A new researcher, held by a team of international scientists […]