13 Jun, 2024
2 mins read

Geologists discover hidden eighth continent “Zealandia”

As of 14th February 2017, Geologists at the Geological Society of America published a journal conveying the potential discovery of an undiscovered continent. However, this continent is yet to be acclaimed officially. The total area of the potential continent is estimated to be around 4.9 Million Square Kilometre. The continent is named ‘Zealandia’ after New […]

2 mins read

Scientists discover eighth continent Zealandia submerged under water

A team of scientists from Australia and New Zealand claims that they have discovered a lost continent hidden undersea. The large landmass drowned in southwest Pacific is nearly three times the size of Alaska that covers New Zealand with the highest peak at Aoraki (Mount Cook). Named as “Zealandia,” the newly discovered continent covers 4.9 million […]