21 Apr, 2024
2 mins read

Diabetes strikes American Kids, doctors worried

Diabetes has strike American Kids now and Doctors really don’t know the real cause behind it. Diabetes which was claimed to happen in adults above the age of 40, is not seriously harming the childhood of American kids. A recent study on Diabetes diagnosis for American children under the age of 20 have shown alarming […]

3 mins read

USA celebrates World’s Health Day by fighting against depression

Every year, on April 7th, United Nation celebrates as the World Health Day. In collaboration with World health organisation (WHO), every year, UN fights bad health with a new theme. This year the theme for World’s health day was Depression. On and off depression, most of the Americans has been the victims of depression. But […]

2 mins read

Intake of Water from Plastic Bottle during Pregnancy Can Drive Up Risks of Obese Babies

Pregnancy is the period of both ecstasy and caution for every woman. There are several precautions prescribed to all the soon-to-be-mothers for delivering a healthy baby. But do you know, a standard method of drinking water can hamper the wellness of your baby during pregnancy? A new researcher, held by a team of international scientists […]

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Parents with obesity have idiotic kids with developmental deficiency: Study

Being obsessed or overweight not only get in the way of your overall health but also can affect the mental development of your children, reveals a recently conducted study. Obesity has become an international issue and the percentages of overweight people are rising at an alarming rate. While previously, being overweight is believed to affect […]

2 mins read

Study Finds the Answer for Why Overweight People Raise Up Their Hands from Workouts

We all know that it is not easier for the obese people to lose their weight. But do you know the reason behind it? Well, a recently published study has revealed the reason why overweighed people usually fail to take long work out. The study published in the journal of Cell Metabolism suggested that losing […]

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Researchers blame modern lifestyle for Global Obesity Disaster

The growing numbers of obese people are creating many negative impacts on the global population. While most people believe obesity to be an individual problem, a recently conducted study has found some serious link between globalization and rising level of fatness. An international study by the London School of Economics highlights the relationship between obesity […]