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Researchers blame modern lifestyle for Global Obesity Disaster

Researchers Censure Modern Lifestyle for Global Obesity Disaster

The growing numbers of obese people are creating many negative impacts on the global population. While most people believe obesity to be an individual problem, a recently conducted study has found some serious link between globalization and rising level of fatness. An international study by the London School of Economics highlights the relationship between obesity and globalization, blaming the modern lifestyle to be the basic reason of global obesity disaster. The lead author of the study, after analyzing the 30-years database has confirmed that the modern lifestyles is having a serious and negative upshot on the overall health of people.

The analysts took the database of 30 years to conduct the research. By analyzing 30 years of information gathered by the LSE, the researchers found out the link between globalization and obesity. The 30-years data which was published in the academic journal ‘Food Policy’, contained the survey report of 26 countries from 1989 and 2005, and evaluated the connection between globalization and obesity. In the study, the researchers measured two different kinds of globalization like economic and social. Economics, on one hand, leads to lower prices food and enlarged business, while social, led to the better inactive leisure activities.

After evaluating all the data published in journal ‘Food Policy’, the scientists concluded that the present level of obesity and its rising disaster is mostly triggered by the increasingly modern lifestyles of people. The contemporary lifestyle has enabled people to become so interrelated with their work and other recreational activities that they ever left their desks seats. The technological advancements have made people enjoying an easier and convenient lifestyle which in other ways had made people lazy and inactive, which is the basic reason of obesity.

This has resulted in the creation of a new generation who remains away from physical works, spend lower energy every day for which they avoid consuming a number of calories as were consumed by their ancestors. The traditional consumption of calorie counts has degraded to around 25,00 in men and 2000 in women as per records since the First World War.

In order to prevent obesity and deal with this alarming rising of fatness among people, the lead author of the study suggests people make changes in their daily diet. He also advised people to meet up the need of the lower caloric of globalized lifestyles, in order to maintain a healthy weight.

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