20 Apr, 2024
3 mins read

Intestinal Bacteria May Reinforce Alzheimer’s Disease: Study

Do you know Intestinal Bacteria or Gut bacteria are accountable to the growth of Alzheimer’s disease? Well, this is true!  A new medical survey, conducted by the researchers from the Lund University in Sweden has revealed that gut bacteria can step up the growth of Alzheimer’s disease, a discovery which may pave revolutionary paths for […]

2 mins read

An Hour-Long Post-Lunch Snooze Can Enhance Brainpower of Older Adults

We all know how pivotal sleep for the overall wellness is. But do you know, an hour-long post-lunch sleep can boost up the memory capacity of the senior citizens? Well, a recently published research has revealed that taking an hour-long catnap after lunch can boost up the intellect power of the older adults. The research […]

2 mins read

People Living Near To Main Roadways Are More Prone To Dementia: Study Cautions

Are you living close to a highway or busy road? If yes, then the possibilities of your body attracting the risks of Dementia is higher, a newly conducted study warns. The study published on Wednesday, 4th January 2017 has revealed that people living within 200 meters of busy roads or major highway are linked with […]

2 mins read

Parents with obesity have idiotic kids with developmental deficiency: Study

Being obsessed or overweight not only get in the way of your overall health but also can affect the mental development of your children, reveals a recently conducted study. Obesity has become an international issue and the percentages of overweight people are rising at an alarming rate. While previously, being overweight is believed to affect […]

2 mins read

Foregoing Psychiatric Disorders and Frequent Use of Psychoactive Drugs Ups the Risk of Lasting Opioid Pain Medication

The preexisting Psychiatric conditions like nervousness, depression and sleep disorder can move up the risks of long-term Opioid Pain Medication, a study conducted by a team of medical researchers has revealed. The study, in addition to this fact, also has found that the frequent use of psychoactive medicines for healing the psychiatric conditions can add […]