14 Apr, 2024
2 mins read

Years of Bilingualism Makes People More Immune To Dementia: Study

People, who know two languages are more immune to dementia than the people who are acquainted with only one language, revealed a recently conducted research. The study, done by a group of researchers from Université de Montréal suggested that, if you are acquainted with two or more languages, possibilities are that you will have much […]

2 mins read

Use of Tablet Computers Can Curtail Agitation among Dementia Patients: Study

A new medical trial has come up with some positive news for the patients suffering from Dementia. As per the research, conducted by a researcher from the McLean Hospital, use of computer tablets has promising factors for restricting the Agitation symptoms among the patients having Dementia. Simply saying, the use of tablet computers can restrain […]

2 mins read

People Living Near To Main Roadways Are More Prone To Dementia: Study Cautions

Are you living close to a highway or busy road? If yes, then the possibilities of your body attracting the risks of Dementia is higher, a newly conducted study warns. The study published on Wednesday, 4th January 2017 has revealed that people living within 200 meters of busy roads or major highway are linked with […]