28 May, 2024
3 mins read

Smoking during Pregnancy Can Cause Damages to Foetal Organs; Warns New Study

Soon-to-be-moms, take a note! If you are a chain smoker and are continuing your smoking habit during pregnancy too, then be careful! It may cause damages to foetal organs, especially livers, warns a new international study. Tobacco smoking during pregnancy is related to several health issues, for both mothers and their unborn babies. Smoking during […]

2 mins read

E-cigarette attracts youth towards tobacco consumption

Though e-cigarettes are known as a medium to get rid of tobacco, the University of California- San Francisco has something different to state. It suggests that these electronics cigarettes are attracting more number of youths towards the actual use of tobacco in the later phase of their life. The whole research has been published in […]

2 mins read

‘Healthy People 2020’ Round-Up: Progress In Exercising, Maternity, Childcare, and Teen Smoking Habit, but Failed To Cure Metal Health and Obesity

With an intention to give the residents of the United State a glimpse of some best health goals, the government has issued a new health report, containing the progression and deficiency of the state in different health segments. The new report published by the health department of US has shown how the state has made […]