Smoking Marijuana can reduce your analyzing abilities
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Smoking Marijuana can reduce your analyzing abilities

It is seen that students who started smoking weed at the earlier stage of their teenage period, mainly around 13 or 14, have less verbal abilities than the students who started smoking at the mid-teenage period that is around 17. The youths who are addicted to smoke weed too early seems to have more chances of dropping out their studies.

A recent study found that there are some links between brain functioning and the use of cannabis. Cannabis is a green herb, but it is mainly used as a drug in many places. These drugs will make you feel high and will help you in changing your perception towards thinking. But at the early stage of the teenage period, the mind is not capable of using this kind of stuff.

The youths who adopted this addiction in their early stage opted to drop their studies and educations in the middle, which directly leads to the scarcity of knowledge and reduces the verbal and analyzing skill of the youth.

The lead author Natalie Castellanos-Ryan, from Canada, said that, adults who smoke cannabis at around 17 or later performed really well and placed themselves equal with the youths who didn’t smoked cannabis.  But in the later stage of their adolescence, they are highly prone to face difficulties with cognitive and verbal abilities.

A survey report justified that, half of the youth who started taking cannabis in their early period still continued to smoke joints at the age of 20. This continuous addiction leads them into different issues like poor memory building capacity, poor reflex actions, decrement in their analyzing skills, etc.

Thus many researchers termed this use of cannabis in high quantities, the main reason for academic failures, unhappiness, and short-temper attitudes. It requires high skills to leave off these drugs. The youths lose their problem-solving abilities which directly affect their life.