27 May, 2024
2 mins read

Breathlessness and Blood Clotting is an utmost Post-Recovery Concern

With the case of ebbing, doctors opposed with the complications such as breathlessness and clotting among the recovered patients and many experts TOI spoke with said patients basically above forty-five years and those who have recovered from moderate infection to severe infections. Those who have faced these complications by this severe infection. Dr. CN Manjunath […]

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Diabetes strikes American Kids, doctors worried

Diabetes has strike American Kids now and Doctors really don’t know the real cause behind it. Diabetes which was claimed to happen in adults above the age of 40, is not seriously harming the childhood of American kids. A recent study on Diabetes diagnosis for American children under the age of 20 have shown alarming […]

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Eating Soaked Rice Can Taper Off Risks of Heart Disease, Diabetes, and Cancer: Study

Syndromes like Heart Disease, Diabetes and Cancer are some of the most severe threat to general wellness, and in medical theory, there are many medicines prescribed for healing such set of symptoms. But do you know a standard method of cooking rice can help you combating these issues? Well, a newly conducted international study has […]

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‘Healthy People 2020’ Round-Up: Progress In Exercising, Maternity, Childcare, and Teen Smoking Habit, but Failed To Cure Metal Health and Obesity

With an intention to give the residents of the United State a glimpse of some best health goals, the government has issued a new health report, containing the progression and deficiency of the state in different health segments. The new report published by the health department of US has shown how the state has made […]

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Permutation of diabetes and antihypertensive drugs can brush-off cancer cells

A group of researchers from Switzerland has successfully detected a new type of drugs for combating cancer cells. The experiment, held by the researchers from the University of Basel in Switzerland have found that the application of a particular type of drug created by the combined effect of two other drugs, can effectively defeat some […]

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Claw Toes Could Be a Symptom of Causal Diabetes or Neurological Problem: Doctors

Claw Toes – a state of the foot where toes curve into a scrape-like pose can be the indication towards underlying diabetes or neurological issues, says doctors. The signs of claw toes are nothing but a symptom of some causal medical condition like diabetes or neurological problems. The origin of claw toes usually results from […]