19 May, 2024
2 mins read

High-Fat Diet Can Increase Risks of Heart Attack By Triggering a Particular Immune System, Study

In its positive sides, high-fat diets are not considered as dangerous. It is helpful for reducing weight, burning fat, and curbing the amount of carbohydrates. But in its darker side, the diet can pose multiple serious risks to the general wellness, especially for heart, warns the new study. High-fat diets, which are the most favorite […]

3 mins read

Eating Soaked Rice Can Taper Off Risks of Heart Disease, Diabetes, and Cancer: Study

Syndromes like Heart Disease, Diabetes and Cancer are some of the most severe threat to general wellness, and in medical theory, there are many medicines prescribed for healing such set of symptoms. But do you know a standard method of cooking rice can help you combating these issues? Well, a newly conducted international study has […]

2 mins read

People Having Shoulder Pain Are More Prone To Cardiac Issues: Study

If you are having pains in the shoulder after certain types of works like lifting, hauling or wrapping, then it may be an indication of the increased risks of heart diseases. A recently published study has suggested that, while most people blames the physical damage for any soreness in the shoulder, but it might be […]

2 mins read

Tentative drug ‘Cimaglermin’ can restore cardiac movement

Globally, the number of death caused by heart failure is massive. But now, this serious health issue can be controlled as scientists are researching on a new drug that can restore the movement of heart even after it failed to function. The new experimental drug called ‘Cimaglermin’ can repair the failure of heart, which in […]