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Permutation of diabetes and antihypertensive drugs can brush-off cancer cells

Permutation of diabetes and antihypertensive drugs can brush-off cancer cells

A group of researchers from Switzerland has successfully detected a new type of drugs for combating cancer cells. The experiment, held by the researchers from the University of Basel in Switzerland have found that the application of a particular type of drug created by the combined effect of two other drugs, can effectively defeat some certain type of cancer cells. During a lab experiment, the researchers discovered that the combinations of Metformin, which is advised for the cure of Type-2 diabetes and antihypertensive drug syrosingopine can heal the cancer cells easily.

Metformin, which is commonly prescribed to heal type-2 diabetes, contains some anti-cancer properties. However, its effectiveness was pitiable to treat the strong germs of cancer. But when metformin combined with syrosingopine – a particular type of drug suggested for antihypertensive can cure cancer cells. The combination of metformin with syrosingopine can increase the efficiency to fight cancer cells.

Initially, the researchers were experimenting with the application and efficiency of metformin to treat cancer. But after the application of the typical dose of metformin, the researcher found it not to be much effective for cancer combat, instead, its higher doses created many discarded side effects. So Michael Hall, the lead author of the study and a Professor at the Biozentrum at the University of Basel tried out the combination of syrosingopine with the doses of metformin and the result was really positive.

Combine effects of both drugs are much stronger than the individual application, the lead author said. However, before confirming syrosingopine to be the perfect pair of metformin to fight with cancer cells, the researcher screened 1000 more drugs, juts to confirm which works better to deal with cancer.

During the research, the analysts tested some cockroaches having malignant liver cancer, and applied the combination of Metformin and syrosingopine on them. After application, they found the unnatural enlargement of the liver to trim down after being treated with the diabetes drug cocktail. In addition, they also found the quantity of tumor nodules to be lessened, while some of the tumors completely vanished after the trail.

The complete details of the research were published in the December edition of ‘Science Advances’.

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