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‘Healthy People 2020’ Round-Up: Progress In Exercising, Maternity, Childcare, and Teen Smoking Habit, but Failed To Cure Metal Health and Obesity

Healthy People 2020

With an intention to give the residents of the United State a glimpse of some best health goals, the government has issued a new health report, containing the progression and deficiency of the state in different health segments. The new report published by the health department of US has shown how the state has made progression in some crucial health segments like lowering the cigarette smoking among youths and growth in daily exercise. But, on the other hand, the report also revealed the US to fallen behind in taking care of mental health.

The new analytical report, published today, on 11th January, by the analysts at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), gave a detailed description about the headway of the country in meeting up a series of 10-year national health goals that were announced in 2010 as part of a novel proposal under the title ‘Healthy People 2020’. Through the health initiative, the global leader called for progression in 26 different public health standards, which covered a cluster of health segments like admission to healthcare services, developing mental health, maintaining the world-class quality for the environment, and diminishing the rate of injuries and hostility.

In the published report, the government of the US tried to notify about the progression of the nation in the proposed healthcare practices. As mentioned in the paper, up to now, the U.S. has successfully met eight of the 26 health goals and has headed toward congregating another eight of the settled goals. However, in seven out of 26 areas, the country has witnessed “little or no noticeable progression,” while in three departments, the country is heading in an erroneous direction, the report warned.

Among the notable progressive areas, the US has marked a significant development in lowering the rate of cigarette smoking among teens. In addition to this, the report also acknowledged the nation for increasing in the number of exercise people used to get. The nation also met the objective of making development in motherly, newborn and child health care, the increased number of people attending physical exercise, lower rate of the illegal drug, alcohol, and tobacco consumption, environmental quality, and the lessened rate of homicides.

However, in some significant departments like caring mental health, obesity, and blood sugar level, the nation failed to make any notable improvement.

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