We Have To Bid Adieu to Polar Bears Soon Due To Abnormal Temperature in Arctic; Scientists Warn
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We Have To Bid Adieu to Polar Bears Soon Due To Abnormal Temperature in Arctic; Scientists Warn

In the speed, how the Arctic is getting warmer than any other place on the planet and the sea ice level is dropping down continually, soon, there will be a day when the world will miss its one of the valuable species – Polar Bear, warned a recently published Study. If the current pace of global warming and climate change persists, soon we have to bid adieu to the Polar Bears. In the study, published on Monday, the scientist suggested that the only one to save polar bears from extermination is to take decisive action against climate change.

With an initiative to protect the rare Polar Bears – the species which firmly depends on ice to catch its foodstuff and survive, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has published a final report on the climate change and its impact on this rare type of creature. In the report, the government department has highlighted the alarming decline of sea ice level and suggested it to be the prime threat to the survival of polar bears. The report also marks out the single most important manner to save polar bear from demise is taking some strong and decisive steps to deal with the Arctic warming, which is caused by the emission of greenhouse gasses by the human being.

In order to a comprehensive idea on how polar bears are managing with dropping sea ice levels of Arctic, US Geological Survey attached some high-definition cameras to a grown-up female Polar bear. The footage, taken by those cameras framed a complete snapshot of the standard of living of a polar bear in the southern Beaufort Sea, located in the Arctic. This footage enabled the scientists to study, monitor, and explore the changes in the actions and feeding rates of the animal.

As per the report, the temperature level in Arctic is intensifying in twofold rate than other areas of the world. Moreover, the continual emission of greenhouse gassed by the human being to the atmosphere is escalating the situation more. The bangs of this directly are affecting the way of living of polar bears. Drawing upon all these factors, the analysts of U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service have expressed their great concern for the existence of Polar Bears. They also cautioned that, after few centuries, the species of the polar bear will completely vanish from the earth.