26 Feb, 2024
2 mins read

20-Minutes of Moderate Exercise Is Enough To Boost Immunity & Condense Inflammation: Study

If you take out only 20 minutes from your hectic lifestyle for a moderate workout, it is enough to enjoy a healthier life, revealed the recently published study. According to the research, 20-minutes of regular physical activity can boost up the long-term health benefits. The individuals, who used to work out daily at least for 20-minutes, […]

2 mins read

‘Healthy People 2020’ Round-Up: Progress In Exercising, Maternity, Childcare, and Teen Smoking Habit, but Failed To Cure Metal Health and Obesity

With an intention to give the residents of the United State a glimpse of some best health goals, the government has issued a new health report, containing the progression and deficiency of the state in different health segments. The new report published by the health department of US has shown how the state has made […]

2 mins read

Study Finds the Answer for Why Overweight People Raise Up Their Hands from Workouts

We all know that it is not easier for the obese people to lose their weight. But do you know the reason behind it? Well, a recently published study has revealed the reason why overweighed people usually fail to take long work out. The study published in the journal of Cell Metabolism suggested that losing […]