Intake of Water from Plastic Bottle during Pregnancy Can Drive Up Risks of Obese Babies
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Intake of Water from Plastic Bottle during Pregnancy Can Drive Up Risks of Obese Babies

Pregnancy is the period of both ecstasy and caution for every woman. There are several precautions prescribed to all the soon-to-be-mothers for delivering a healthy baby. But do you know, a standard method of drinking water can hamper the wellness of your baby during pregnancy? A new researcher, held by a team of international scientists has revealed that drinking water from plastic bottles during the period of pregnancy can boost up the risks of fat babies.

According to the recent experiment, conducted by the researchers from The Endocrine Society, located in Washington DC, children of the pregnant women who used to intake water from plastic water bottles are more vulnerable to overweight and chubbiness. The plastic water bottles contain a particular type of chemical that can drive up the risks of obesity among newborns.

The researchers, while surveying also discovered that, water bottles, made from plastic materials contain chemical bisphenol A (BPA) – a hormone disruptor – which can move up the menace of obesity in an unborn child. When an unborn baby becomes prone to BPA, their body happens to be less responsive to a hormone which is responsible for restricting hunger, which eventually causes overweight among babies.

However, the reports of the research have come up as no surprise because most of us know how dangerous chemicals of plastic can damage the wellness of babies as well adults. With the new study report, the experts have cautioned the pregnant ladies to be careful about the ecological factors which can pave paths for increased vulnerability to obesity among unborn and newborn babies.

In 2015, another study came up with the reports that, exposure to BPA throughout the period of pregnancy can lead to many physical complications including miscarriage and the new experiment has added a new warning factor to this list. BPA exposure may increase the risk of miscarriage. Moreover, the study also stated that more exposure to BPA could also drive up the threat of preterm birth, lessen the intrauterine development of the fetus, and boost up the possibilities of type 2 Diabetes among mothers and preeclampsia.

The BPA, found in plastic bottles can also cause 70% trouncing of nerve synapses in the backbone and hippocampus division of the brain. It also blocks the standard estrogen and androgen commotion, resulting in Cognitive declining, melancholy, and schizophrenia among pregnant women reports the new study.