05 Mar, 2024
3 mins read

Earth-like mud cracks found on Mars dates back to 3.5 billion years

Last January (2017), NASA’s Curiosity Mars Rover which was sent to study the Martian surface stumbled upon ancient ‘mud cracks’ inside the Gale Crater. The photos sent by the rover through the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter to the Earth revealed a 30-inch-long slab of rock with a crisscross pattern of polygons. The photos captured by Curiosity’s […]

2 mins read

NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter Detect Toddler Martian Spiders

NASA scientists believe that they have found the infant version of Mars Spider during a satellite survey. Scientists of NASA, using the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO)’s survey reports, have been able to spot the snowballing intensification of erosion-carved troughs which is expected to be the baby versions of larger features called Martian “spiders.” To recall, […]