05 Mar, 2024
3 mins read

Dust storms encircles the whole planet; Curiosity is safe but Opportunity rover has been turned off

Dust storm on the red planet is slowly encircling the entire planet ever since it started back on May 30 and could continue for a few months now. As per the latest update, NASA Mars rover Opportunity which reported about the giant dust storm went into radio silence mode in order to preserve its much-needed […]

2 mins read

Mars will be closest to the Earth on July 31; It will be easily visible to naked eyes for whole June & July

Soon, stargazers and space enthusiasts will be able to have a glimpse of the red planet Mars with their naked eyes. In fact, in the coming six weeks in the month of June and July, Mars will shine brighter than ever compared to the last 15 years. The reason being its distance from the Earth […]

2 mins read

NASA will reveal latest findings made by Curiosity rover at the press conference on Thursday

NASA’s Mars Curiosity rover spent over 2,000 Martian days (Sols) back in March 2018 and counting. The rover has revealed a plethora of data about the red planet where humans could harbor one day. But for now, Curiosity has found something very intriguing. In fact, NASA decided to keep it under wrap until the official […]

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Curiosity dugs a 2-inch-deep hole with its new drilling technique

In the last quarter of 2016, the drill installed at the end of the robotic arm of the Curiosity rover was sidelined because its motor controlling the sideposts stopped working. Soon, engineers at the mission control started troubleshooting the issue and devising workarounds to get the drill up and running which took more than a […]

3 mins read

Soon, Curiosity will test a new drilling technique after an existing motor failed in 2016

NASA’s Mars Rover Curiosity will start drilling on the red planet again if a remote fix developed by the researchers successfully rectifies the issue. According to the reports, Curiosity rover’s drill attached to its 7-foot-long robotic arm suffered a hiccup in 2016 when it was decommissioned until the mission team responsible for the operations of […]

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Earth-like mud cracks found on Mars dates back to 3.5 billion years

Last January (2017), NASA’s Curiosity Mars Rover which was sent to study the Martian surface stumbled upon ancient ‘mud cracks’ inside the Gale Crater. The photos sent by the rover through the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter to the Earth revealed a 30-inch-long slab of rock with a crisscross pattern of polygons. The photos captured by Curiosity’s […]

4 mins read

NASA releases stunning panorama of 5-year journey of Curiosity Rover

A recently acquired panoramic picture of the Martian surface has been making rounds on the internet sent by the Curiosity Rover comprising of 16 selfies of the horizon surrounding the Gale Crater. The Curiosity Rover was sent to the Red Planet to scour for evidence of ancient lake or water body that once existed at […]

2 mins read

Strange tube-like structures on Martian rocks might not be an indicator of life, informs NASA

Mars has been a planet full of mystery and to crack that mystery, NASA scientists have sent the revolutionary Curiosity rover to the Red Planet. Well, since its landing on the Martian surface, the Curiosity rover has not disappointed the mission scientists. Recently, it discovered a strange type ‘stick-like figures’ on the planet’s rocky and […]