Aliens on Mars and now on Earth too! Should we be aware?
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Aliens on Mars and now on Earth too! Should we be aware?

The 1,982 lb Curiosity rover has been studying the territory of Mars for more than five years now. The rover recently released a series of pictures that show the possibility of life on Mars in the past. Scientists have theorized that the small shapes that can be seen in the pictures could be the trace of fossils of the alien life. These fossils range from a width of 1-2mm along with 5mm length.

Research fellow named Barry DiGregorio from the Buckingham Centre for Astrobiology has suggested that fossils are the only possible explanation of these shapes. As per the researchers, these fossils might have flowed along with the marine-based shallow sediments of the lake present in Gale Crater in the past. These trace fossils help record the pathway of creatures with soft bodies via marine as well as sediments that are similar to mud. These fossils, however, aren’t body fossils.

Project scientists for Curiosity rover, Ashwin Vasavada said that this discovery is unique and the possibility of trace fossils cannot be ruled out. It has been speculated that these trace fossils could date back around 700 million years before today. Researchers believe that the Red Planet thrived with life back then.

The lake that existed back then, could have provided the best platform for life to thrive. The team for Curiosity rover has considered many possibilities for these pictures obtained. Among these possibilities, an alien life is a top priority along with non-living elements such as minerals and crystals that can be found in the cracks of bedrock.

Now, in other news, the Google technology has been able to locate the hiding place for aliens on our very own Earth. Google Maps have pinpointed a circular and strange satellite image of UFO that is located on a piece of land in South America’s Argentina. Conspiracy theorists suggest that this location could be a place for aliens and UFOs to hide. Apart from conspiracy theorists, the members of the scientific community are also confused as the location suggested by Google Maps has a perfect round same similar to the UFO.

This circular land measures about 118 meters in diameter which has been seen rotating all by itself. Scientists have described this phenomenon as something out of the ordinary. The land has been named as Ojo de la Tierra. The coordinate for this island is 34 ° 15’07.8’S 58 ° 49’47.4 “W and conspiracy theorists claim that it isn’t a plain and simple land, but a spaceship from some distant alien based planet.

Scott C. Waring explained that a large number of UFO sightings have been seen in Argentina in comparison with the rest of the world. Aliens have hidden their base in Argentina as an island away from the curious eyes of humans. The island is large enough to fit any UFO that is 100 meter in diameter. Ufologists claim that this might be the headquarters for the alien on Earth which needs to be explored. The Netizens also shared numerous images of this island where one can easily see the strange circular shape of these so-called ‘Alien HQ’.