$40 million dollar ‘Super Cow’ by Bill Gates to end world poverty
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$40 million dollar ‘Super Cow’ by Bill Gates to end world poverty

The business magnate Bill Gates is known for his interest in the scientific upliftment of the world via new technologies that could change the current situation of the world. Recently, Gates has started investing in an unusual aspect of creativity. The Microsoft CEO has started working on the possibility of a smart city of the future that shall be built on the desert land of Arizona. For now, he is working on the concept of creating a ‘perfect cow’ that shall be a part of this future city of tomorrow.

A genetically modified cow shall make a significant part of the desert city by Bill Gates that shall flaunt a sturdy immunity to sustain extreme situations with an ability to provide milk at temperatures that are higher than the ones seen today. Gates isn’t just aiming to develop this cow for his futuristic city, but with a humanitarian motive to provide food at the parts of the world stuck with pestilence and famine that has affected millions of lives.

The initial stage of the experiment shall involve the genetic research of cows. This will be followed by the designing of cattle that can survive the challenging environments of near future while producing milk at a greater amount. Researchers are hoping to increase the production of milk about four times the original amount.

Bill Gates has donated an amount of $40 Million for the research and development of this super cow to the Global Alliance for Livestock Veterinary Medicines (GALVmed) which is an institute based in the capital city of Scotland, Edinburgh. Gates expects this contribution to be effective to develop a solution for world poverty and famine-affected parts of the globe.

While the efforts given in by Bill Gates are highly noble and essential for the future of humanity, many scientists estimate that an increase in the number of cows in the globe can be responsible for the generation of a higher amount of carbon footprint. Even when you look at the estimates today, the greenhouse gases being generated by livestock present currently is alarmingly high.

The creation of sturdy cows can help in alleviating the lack of food in desert-based areas; scientists recommend the development of crops that can handle high temperatures while providing a substantial food relief without affecting the climate. Gates is also concentrating on the development of such crops as humanity cannot alone sustain on meat as a luxury.

If successful, the development of a super cow shall provide relief to many people around the world suffering from lack of food. With quadrupled milk content, we can also reduce the number of cows we depend on and thereby reducing the carbon footprint.