27 Feb, 2024
2 mins read

NASA will reveal latest findings made by Curiosity rover at the press conference on Thursday

NASA’s Mars Curiosity rover spent over 2,000 Martian days (Sols) back in March 2018 and counting. The rover has revealed a plethora of data about the red planet where humans could harbor one day. But for now, Curiosity has found something very intriguing. In fact, NASA decided to keep it under wrap until the official […]

4 mins read

NASA releases stunning panorama of 5-year journey of Curiosity Rover

A recently acquired panoramic picture of the Martian surface has been making rounds on the internet sent by the Curiosity Rover comprising of 16 selfies of the horizon surrounding the Gale Crater. The Curiosity Rover was sent to the Red Planet to scour for evidence of ancient lake or water body that once existed at […]