19 May, 2024
2 mins read

Minerals present in Martian rocks sucked in all water and made the planet inhabitable, says study

A new study revealed that, if liquid water was present on Mars, then it would have been dried up the rocks present on Mars’s surface. Mars is known as a dry, arid and frozen planet. Many scientists think that ancient Mars had water present on its surface but with the passage of time all its […]

2 mins read

See Pic: NASA’s Curiosity Rover Discovers Purple-Colored Rocks on Mars

The long-established belief about the redness of Mars is now under question as NASA’s most reliable Mars Rover Curiosity has beamed back some images describing the purple colored rocks on the planet. Mars, which since centuries is called as Red Planet, has come to an end, as the spectacular pictures sent by the Curiosity Rover […]