05 Mar, 2024
2 mins read

New Findings on South Pole of Mars

Mars, also known as ‘The Red Planet’, has always been a topic of discussion all around the world. Scientists and astronomers have always been curious to know more about it. Various studies have been undergoing on this particular planet. Different countries have their methods for their study. A new improvement in this study has taken […]

2 mins read

Researchers confirm Einstein’s theory of relativity yet again

Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity has yet proven its credibility in the latest study by a group of scientists which is published in the journal Science. Researchers used the data gathered by NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope and used the data collected by the European Southern Observatory’s Very Large Telescope and were able to find out […]

4 mins read

EU launches the seventh Sentinel satellite in the space

The seventh European Union (UN) Sentinel satellite was recently launched into the orbit with the help of a converted intercontinental ballistic missile aboard Russian Rokot launcher that injected the Sentinel-3b satellite into a similar orbit to the previously sent Sentinel-3a which was launched two years ago. The new Sentinel-3b spacecraft is a part of EU […]

3 mins read

Earth is changing its magnetic poles gradually, ESA warns

European Space Agency, in a new research, found that our planet is interchanging its magnetic poles gradually. Studying the reported data, scientists from ESA observed 15 percent decline in Earth’s magnetic field in last 200 years and is shifting 5 percent per year per decade, which indicates that a polar flip is on the cards. The […]

3 mins read

Cosmic junkyard is what surrounds Earth’s orbiting

Our blue planet looks gorgeous. Satellite from all decades has captured beautiful pictures of Earth. But what surrounds our blue planet is more to a horror. Scientists have found that Earth’s orbiting is surrounded by vast junkyard which can step in the way of further progress in space science. This cosmic junkyard is primarily considered […]