16 Jun, 2024
2 mins read

Iliad wins EU antitrust for $4 billion Polish telecoms

The EU antitrust commission gave a nod to Iliad to expand its wireless network, services, and infrastructure in Poland. This move would also speed up the 4G and 5G network rollouts. The EU antitrust commission has given regulatory permission to allow the Iliad Group to take over Play, Poland’s leading mobile operator. Iliad, the French […]

3 mins read

Report on AI before Deployment in Defense

The National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence is an independent federal commission, was constituted to address Artificial Intelligence issues. A report was submitted by the Council on Artificial Intelligence to the U.S. President and Congress. The report stressed that a comprehensive Indo-Pacific strategy to build cooperative agreements with countries in the region such as South […]

2 mins read

EU commission appeals after Apple won $15 billion tax case

European Union (EU) commission announced that it will appeal after losing a $15 billion tax case against Apple. This was the legal battle going on for a long time between the technology giant and the European Union’s executive commission. European Commission was trying to restrain the ability of Apple to make special tax deals with […]

2 mins read

Corona Blinker- Finland’s Corona Virus Tracing App

As the Covid-19 pandemic rages, technicians everywhere hurried to create software, facilities, and contact monitoring systems i.e. to recognize and alert all those who come into touch with the carrier. Others are lightweight and temporary, while others are widespread and invasive. The Chinese scheme, for example, collects data like citizen identification, location, and even online […]

4 mins read

EU launches the seventh Sentinel satellite in the space

The seventh European Union (UN) Sentinel satellite was recently launched into the orbit with the help of a converted intercontinental ballistic missile aboard Russian Rokot launcher that injected the Sentinel-3b satellite into a similar orbit to the previously sent Sentinel-3a which was launched two years ago. The new Sentinel-3b spacecraft is a part of EU […]