05 Mar, 2024
2 mins read

The coldest place on the Earth is more colder than ever!

What’s the coldest place on the Earth? It’s Antarctica without any doubt but a recent study published in the Geological Research Letters confirms that Antarctica is even colder than earlier thought. A plethora of studies have been concluded towards the bone-chilling temperature on Antarctica but a recent study suggests that a region near the South […]

2 mins read

Researchers reveal binary star system in the ant-shaped Ant Nebula using lasers from the old nebula

An ant-shaped Nebula known as Ant Nebula or Menzel 3 was discovered back in the 1920s by theoretical astronomer and astrophysicist Donald Menzel. It is located in the constellation Norma about 8,000 light-years away from Earth. It has intrigued many scientists due to its distinct shape because of which, a team of researchers started collecting […]

2 mins read

Underwater Robot Spot a Multicolored World under Antarctica’s Sea Ice

A video captured by a remote-control camera has shown a stunning marine community below the freezing ice sheets of Antarctica Ocean, a discovery which can lead researcher towards a more revealing world of marine life. Australian researchers, during the wake of introducing an underwater robot, have captured an exclusive and surprising video footage of a […]