Underwater Robot Spot a Multicolored World under Antarctica’s Sea Ice
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Underwater Robot Spot a Multicolored World under Antarctica’s Sea Ice

A video captured by a remote-control camera has shown a stunning marine community below the freezing ice sheets of Antarctica Ocean, a discovery which can lead researcher towards a more revealing world of marine life.

Australian researchers, during the wake of introducing an underwater robot, have captured an exclusive and surprising video footage of a multi-colored world underneath Antarctica’s ocean ice. After launching a submerge robot through a small hole in the ice, the scientists found a colorful and vivid world located below the ice sheet of Antarctica. Coconut-formed wipes, dandelion-like worms, pink green algae, urchins, ocean cucumbers and arachnid-shaped starfish are discovered in the video footage taken from a camera mounted on the robot.

The research was led by Dr. Glenn Johnstone, the Australian Antarctic Division (AAD) biologist and his research team. The analyst team, in order to carry out the mission, retrieved a data recorder from waters close to the Casey Research Station and sent it down with a camera integrated with lights to record the live footage of the locations below the thick ice sheets of Antarctica Sea. The result was really surprising for the researchers as they found a colorful marine world, filled with a number of vivid creatures under the ice.

Dr. Johnstone, while giving the details of the aquatic ecosystems’ position said, the colorful area was found to be located below a 1.5-metre of the ice sheet and the researchers made a hole through it to spot it. It is situated a 30-metre deepness in an ocean which is about five kilometers away from Casey. He also added that the location is what we have been experimenting since long. But unfortunately, we never have been thought to install a camera inside it.”

According to Dr. Johnstone, “When we find the marine world in the footage, it seems to be a little bit multihued. There are multiple colors like whites and blues and grays. Similarly, the marine creatures are found to in the form of black and white, are looking damn cute. The colorful marine world is representing the real multiplicity of the ecosystem and the actual wellbeing of the atmosphere. It is something that is hinting how the world under water should be.” After discovering the oceanic area under the sea ice of Antarctica, researchers now believe that many underwater worlds are there which are waiting for discovery.