04 Mar, 2024
4 mins read

Global Epinephrine Market Price, Growth, Forecast 2028

The report provides insights on opportunities, restraints, drivers, trends, and forecasts up to 2028. The detailed study of the business of the epinephrine market covers the estimation size of the market in terms of volume and value.In an attempt to identify the opportunities for growth in the epinephrine market, the industry analysis was geographically divided […]

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Coral reefs that protect sea shores from wrath of cyclones are dying of climate change

In a new study, scientists have revealed that coral reefs are not only necessary to protect our environment but they also play a major role in protecting coasts from tropical cyclones as it calms down the large waves before they reach shore and cause havoc on marine habitats and coastal infrastructure disrupting the ecological balance. “Reefs […]

2 mins read

Booming of beech trees due to climate changes hampers forest ecosystem

Booming of beech trees is affecting forest and the people dwelling or working in those forests. Yes, a new study has revealed that under the influence of climate change, the population of beech trees have increased and there a now dominating the woodlands of the northeastern United States. The study was carried out by a […]

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Birds and mammals have the best adaptability for surviving climate change

Warm-blooded animals like mammals and birds have better adaptability to climate change as compared to their cold-blooded counterparts, a new study has revealed. The latest study says that that mammals and birds are more resistant to climate change as compared to other species owing to their excellent adaptability. This indicates that in future if the […]

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20 Years of Earth Environmental Changes Captured in just a few seconds

Incredible visualization by NASA shows the catastrophic effect that climate change has had on our planet over the past two decades. The latest NASA visualization shows 20 years of non-stop examination of plant life on land and at ocean’s surface, from 1997 to 2017. This conceptualization was created with the data from satellites including SeaWiFS […]

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Trump’s involvement in climate change report

The USA is quite shaken up by the unwanted climatic change that is occurring nowadays. Every day headline of USA time news has shifted their focus on climate change in the USA. However, after noticing President Donald Trump’s leaning involvement in UCSD reports, the officials are worried that Trump may soon involve his rules into climate changes. Hence, […]

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Europe under serious climate change impacts

According to recent polls, Donal Trump has initiated to charge penalties on citizens who are not supporting the Paris climate deal. Europe is already under a serious climate change impact. What’s next? A large number of citizens from four major European nations are on a thought that climate change impacts like severe flood, global warming […]

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January 2017 Is the Third Hottest In 137 Years: NASA

Global temperature is mounting at an alarming pace; resulting in multiple variations in earth’s ecology and natural system and a credible evidence of this devastating phenomenon is the first month of this year. As per the newest data, collected by NASA, January 2017 is the third hottest month on record. According to NASA’s report, two […]

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Global Oceans Have Lost 2% Oxygen in 57 Years That Can Be Devastating Marine Life, Warns Study

You might be aware of the distressing influence of climate change and rising temperature level on the ecology of the earth. But you might not know how the unpredictable changes in climatic patterns are contributing to the fatality of marine lives across the world. A new international study, recently published in a famous science journal […]