Trump’s involvement in climate change report
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Trump’s involvement in climate change report

The USA is quite shaken up by the unwanted climatic change that is occurring nowadays. Every day headline of USA time news has shifted their focus on climate change in the USA. However, after noticing President Donald Trump’s leaning involvement in UCSD reports, the officials are worried that Trump may soon involve his rules into climate changes. Hence, UC San Diego may accelerate plans to preserve its climate data due to growing concerns among faculty members that the Trump’s administration could interfere with their official work.

The current situation at UC San Diego resembles with the hard work and efforts that are put in by the scientists, librarians, environmental activists and others people across the country who are working to preserve climate data housed at colleges and on government websites.

According to reports, there are some new possibilities of planetary warming in some of the geographical areas which matter a lot to the ecology and human health.There remains a huge possibility of climatic report cut back or elimination of federally funded Southwest countries.

However,  based on new Trump appointees and draft budgets for the EPA, NASA and others, there is a real possibility of that happening soon. The new head of the EPA- Scott Pruitt paraphrased his quotes against overwhelming scientific consensus and stated that he doesn’t believe carbon dioxide is the chief cause of global warming. Scott’s statement has already made enough buzz in the country full. However, he and president Trump have kept no secret about their intentions to undo policies that have sought to curb planet-warming pollution. The kind of pure research that local scientists are doing on the effects of climate change will no longer be needed if no more rules are being written to help control or adapt to that change. Hence those rules should and can be negotiated and tossing them entirely turns over a public resource like a stable, sustainable atmosphere to a private sector that has not been shown to be good stewards.

In the course of past two months, Officials from the house of Trump have mentioned and discussed several climate change issues in the web pages of White House. Till now no evidence have been found against Donald Trump and his attendees that they have their political hands against altering the reports of climatic changes of the States.

The USA President Trump has repeatedly denied all allegations against the existence of global warming or the doubt of cast on it. He has called climate change an “expensive hoax” and said, “I am not a great believer in man-made climate change.”

Scott Pruitt who is the present head of the Environmental Protection Agency(EPA) is also the federal government’s leading enforcer on climate-change issues. He said last week to the media that he doesn’t believe carbon dioxide is a “primary contributor” to climate change. His statement has made enough buzz around the city. But the investigation still proceeds in the manner that whether Trump’s involvement in climate change reports will result in the unwanted disturbance in federations’ research.